Chloé Kinesiology

Rediscover your full potential and self-healing abilities.

What is kinesiology?


We act according to our emotions, beliefs, environment, established patterns and inherited programs. Sometimes certain elements prevent us from moving forward, whether we are aware of it or not. With the help of muscle testing, we work together to identify inconsistencies, stresses and blockages, so that you can free yourself from them.


It's a wonderful bio-feedback tool. I apply light pressure to your forearm: when everything is coherent, at every level of consciousness, the arm has strong muscle tone. In the event of inconsistency, stress or blockage, the tone will be weak. This test enables us to "translate" the body's language.


It's very important that you take master of your session. You have the right to stop at any time during your session, are free to answer or not to answer my questions and share with me what comes to you. I ask each question aloud and ask for permission to test and access the information. The session goes smoothly, and so do the changes to come.

Holistic therapy...

Everyone holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a helping hand. That's where I come in. As a kinesiologist, I strive to restore your balance and help you find your center, your full potential and your self-healing abilities.

Rediscover your full potential and self-healing abilities.

Who am I?

Trained at the Équilibre Formation school in Confignon, I benefit from federal OtraTC recognition and ASCA accreditation.

Since 2022, I've been a mentor for students at Équilibre Formation.

Through kinesiology, I'd like to guide you towards a better understanding of your body, and help you discover the power of self-healing.

As a Certified Complementary Therapist, I seek to bridge the gap between Western and holistic medicine, while offering a safe and soothing atmosphere. In my desire to continually integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice, I regularly participate in new training courses.

Session sequence



We take the time to get to know each other, take stock of your health and establish the context of your malaise. I'll also explain the principles of kinesiology.



Together, we'll draw up a session objective. It will be the common thread running through our work and will clearly, positively and realistically determine the direction you want to take to find your balance.



After a more concrete presentation of muscle testing, we can then use this formidable tool to bring to light the various stresses linked to your goal (blocked emotions, beliefs, memory, etc.) and gently balance them out.


Balance sheet

At the end of the session, I'll invite you to observe your feelings, your inner voice and your emotions. We'll also reflect on concrete actions to support the changes to come. Several sessions may be necessary, spaced at least three weeks apart.

"Very good practitioner, listens to our inner ills, explains what she is doing and why she is doing it. Looks for the best solution to work with our body to release the negative in us. I recommend!"

- Paul Ritz

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"Chloé is wonderful, a practitioner in her own right. She feels the aches of the body and puts words to them, and explains to you what she is doing during the session, wonderful. She is gentle and soothing 🙏😇 I really recommend her!🍀"

- Mélanie Bennici

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"Chloé is an excellent therapist, empathetic, caring and attentive to every feeling. Passionate about her work, she knows how to be fair, precise and supportive. Very sunny, she inspires confidence. Very high quality care that I recommend with my eyes closed."

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Geneva office


Les Eaux-Vives | Champel

Rue Michel-Chauvet 4

1208 Geneva

Lower ground floor


Buses: 25, 5, 6, 8, T71

Train: RE, SL2, SL3

Parking de Villereuse

I welcome you to my multidisciplinary practice, shared with Physiogeneve, Biô-thérapies and Maryl'Or kinesiology, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and two Saturdays a month.

Located between the Champel and Eaux-Vives districts, our practice is easy to reach by both public transport and car. Our practice is designed to be warm, confidential and quiet, to offer you the best possible treatment conditions.

Price list:

130.-/ 1h*.

Allow 1h15 for a first session.


For a list of ASCA-affiliated complementary health care providers, click here.

(*If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please let me know)

Cabinet de Reignier


Near Annemasse | Vallée verte

184 Grande Rue 73930 Reignier-Esery

Lower ground floor, right of Pizz'Art restaurant.

I welcome you to my multidisciplinary practice in Reignier, which I share with Myriam Braïki, sexologist and couple therapist, Virginie Chassat, sexologist and couple therapist, and Germain Dumont, laser harmonization therapist. It's important to us to offer the most comprehensive support possible, so we like to collaborate to enrich our different therapeutic approaches.

The office is intimate and calm, on the ground floor, for an atmosphere conducive to a return to oneself, and to profound change.

Price list:

70€* / 1-hour consultation.

For a first session, allow 1h15.

An SMS reminder is sent 72 hours before the appointment. Any appointment not honored or cancelled less than 48 hours before the consultation will be billed.

(*If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please let me know).